Abell 1656
Object Information:

Abell 1656 - The Coma Galaxy Cluster

Constellation - Coma Bernices
Distance - 400 million light years Abell 1656 is a massive aggregation of galaxies 400 million light years distant. The two brightest members, NGC 4889 and NGC 4874 [upper center]are are classified as supergiant elliptical galaxies. With diameters of 330,000 light years and 260,000 light years respectively, both NGC 4889 and NGC 4874 are far larger than our own Milky Way galaxy. Many Coma Galaxy Cluster galaxies can be seen in this 81 minute exposure. A couple of nice face-on spirals, NGC 4921 [the larger of the two] and NGC 4911, can be seen at the bottom of the frame.

Image date:

January 16, 2005

Exposure Information:

Sum of twenty-seven 180 sec. exposures = 81 min. total exposure time.

Imaged at:

Desert Center, Riverside County, California


Optics - Takahashi MT-200 f/6 Newtonian
Mount - Astro-Physics 1200 GTO
Camera - SBIG ST-10XME