Messier 100
Object Information:

Messier 100, NGC 4321

Spiral Galaxy Type - Sbc,
Constellation - Coma Bernices,
Distance - estimated to be approximately 65-70 million light years distant,
Size - 130,000 light years across.

This large spiral galaxy resides in the Coma-Virgo Galaxy Cluster, a large group of galaxies seen in the constellations of Virgo and Coma Bernices. M100 lies approximately 65-70 million light years away and is slightly larger than our own Milky Way galaxy at 130,000 light years in diameter. It is interesting to remember that the light photons that were used to create this picture left M100 at about the time that the dinosaurs on earth suffered their mass extinction. Also, note the background galaxies seen in the frame.

Image date:

April 1 & 2, 2016

Exposure Information:

A LRGB exposure with 1.5 hours luminance data combined with 1.5 hours of RGB data.

Imaged at:

Blair Valley, Anza-Borrego State Park, San Diego County, California


RCOS 10" f/9 Ritchey-Chretien optical tube on a Astro-Physics AP 900 mount. Camera - SBIG STT-8300M