HH 901, HH 902
Object Information:

Name: HH 901 and HH 902

Object Information: This is a close-up of the Carina Nebula image which nicely frames the two Herbig-Haro objects HH 901 [foreground] and HH 902 [background].

Herbig-Haro objects are believed to be newly born stars which eject narrow jets of partially ionized gas. The shockwaves from the gas then interacts with the interstellar medium which surrounds the star. In both instances above the stars responsible for the jets are buried in the gas and dust pillars. However, the shockwave wavefronts are clearly seen in this image.

Herbig-Haro objects have prominent emission lines in hydrogen, sulpher and oxygen which makes them easy to visualize in an image such as this which is composed of data from narrowband filters specifically designed to capture hydrogen, sulpher and oxygen emission line data.

More information on Herbig-Haro objects can be found here:

Image Information:

Camera: Wide Field Camera 3

Filters Used: 673n - S II; 657n - H-alpha + N II; and 502n - O III

Color Assignments: Hubble Pallette --> red - 673n, green - 657n, and blue - 502n