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Object Information:

Name: Ring Nebula, M 57

Object Information: Messier 57, also commonly known as the Ring Nebula, is well known to amateur astronomers who can see the ring shape with moderately sized telescopes.

This false color image was assembled from the data from three narrowband filters - f658n [N II], f656n [H-alpha], and f502n [O III]

There is much more to the Ring Nebula than is shown in this image. Only the bright central portion is sen here. However, there are many amateur and professional observatory photographs that show that the Ring Nebula has a large dim halo. An internet serch will bring up many photos which show the halo.

Folow this link for more information about Messier 57 -

Image Information:

Camera: Wide Field Camera 3

Filters Used: f658n [N II], f656n [H-alpha], and f502n [O III]

Color Assignments: red - f658n, green - f656n, blue - f502n