Arp 273
Object Information:

Name: Bok Globules in the nebula NGC 281

Object Information: This interesting object was photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2005. The Hubble data was processed by me from data downloaded from the Hubble Space Telescope's "Hubble Legacy Archive". Three greyscale images were color mapped to create a "color" image.

Bok globules [named after astronomer Bart Bok who first observed them in the 1940s] are small, dense areas of dark nebulae. These Bok globules are believed to contain cosmic dust and gas which are believed to be areas from which star formation can occur.

Here is a link to more information about Bok globules:

Here is a link to the Hubble Space Telescope site with their version of the same data:

Finally, here is a link to a little larger version of my version of the Bok globules in NGC 281:

Image Information:

Camera: Hubble ACS/WFC

Filters Used: F658N (NII), F555W, F435W

Color Assignments: red - F658N, green - F555W, and blue - F435W