Stephans Quintet
Object Information:

Name: Stephan's Quintet - NGC7317, 7318A, 7318B, 7319 and 7320

Object Information: Stephan's Quintet is a compact group of five galaxies in the constellation of Pegasus. These galaxies are a favorite photographic object of amatuers. I have a photo of Stephan's Quintet that I have taken using my own equipment.

The galaxies are about 270 million light years distant. It is believed that close encounters between the three lower galaxies are responsible for the distorted shapes seen in the image.

More interesting information about this object can be found here.

Image Information:

Camera: Wide Field Camera 3

Filters Used: 814w, 606w and 438w

Color Assignments: red - 814w; green - 606w; blue - 438w