UGC 10214
Object Information:

Name: UGC 10214

Object Information: This image was created from Hubble Space Telescope data that was acquired in 2002.

UGC 10214 is also known as the "Tadpole Galaxy" and is estimaged to be approximately 400 million light years away from us. The Tadpole Galaxy a fine example of a "disrupted galaxy". Astronomers believe that the unusual shape of the galaxy is due to a collision with another galaxy about 100 million years ago. This collision is believe to be responsible for the unusual shape of the spiral arms and the long tail of stars and star clusters.

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Here is a link to the official Hubble Space Telescope image that was processed by the professionals:

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Lastly, here is a cropped and enlarged version of the galaxy:


UGC 10214
Image Information:

Camera: Hubble Space Telescope ACS/WFC - data acquired on 4/01/2002

Filters Used: F814W, F604W, and F475W

Color Assignments: red - F814W, green - F604W, and blue - F475W