Interesting Astronomy-related Links:

Astronomy Picture of the Day - A NASA sponsored site which features a different image or photograph of our universe each day with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. - The name pretty much says it all...

Star Date On-Line - This site is a great resource for those with an interest in astronomy.

space - "News and information about the Earth-Sun environment."

Cal Sky - The Calculated Sky


Links to Web Sites of Other Astrophotographers:

Robert Gendler -The Universe in Color

Roth Ritter -Dark Atmospheres

Russell Croman - Russell Croman Astrophotography

Wes Stauffer - Astrofoundry

Dave Kodama - Astrophotography by Dave Kodama

Garth Buckles - Wide Field Astrophotography

Wolfgang Promper - Wolfgang Promper's CCD Images

Al Kelley - Al's CCD Astrophotography Page

Ken Crawford - Astrophotography by Ken Crawford

Adam Block - Caelum Observatory

Tom Davis - Painting With Starlight

R. Jay Gabany - Cosmotography

Mike Halderman - Astrophotography by Mike Halderman

Neil Fleming - Fleming Astrophotography

Bob Fera - Images of the Universe

Steve Cannistra - Starry Wonders

Jay Ballauer - All About Astro