NGC 7000
Object Information:

North American Nebula - NGC 7000

Constellation: Cygnus
Distance: estimated at 3000 light years.

This large emission nebula lives up to its name. In addition to the North American Nebula, the Pelican Nebula can also be seen to the lower right with the "Pelican" looking toward NGC 7000. This object can be seen through binoculars as a milky patch east of the star Deneb in Cygnus.

Image date:

August 18, 2009

Exposure Information:

RGB image - 48 minutes per color channel

Imaged at:

Grandview Campground, Inyo National Forest - Near Bishop, CA


Optics - Takahashi Epsilon 160 f/3.3 astrograph
Mount - Astro-Physics AP 1200 GTO
Camera - SBIG STL-11000 M