NGC 2170
Object Information:

NGC 2170, NGC 2182, VdB 68, and Vdb 69

The reflection and emission nebula in this CCD image are a portion of the larger Monoceros R2 Association of reflection nebulae in the constellation of Monoceros. The designations of the blue reflection nebulae are NGC 2182 [left], VdB 68 [top center] and VdB 69 [center], and NGC 2170 [right of center]. This area is believed to be an area of recent and continuing star formation. Also seen at center is an excellent example of a dark "absorption nebula" made of interstellar dust which blocks the light from the red emission nebula behind it.

Image date:

December 29, 2013

Exposure Information:

Luminance - 2 hours, Red - 30 minutes, Green - 30 minutes, Blue - 30 minutes

Imaged at:

Blair Valley, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego County, California


Takahashi MT-160, Astro-Physics 900 GTO, SBIG ST-10XME with Baader MPCC