NGC 6888
Object Information:

The Crescent Nebula, NGC 6888

Imbedded within the dense star fields of the constellation Cygnus, the Crescent Nebula is an emission nebula which is believed to have been formed from the stellar wind from the bright Wolf-Rayet near the center of the nebula that is presently colliding with slower moving stellar material from the same star ejected during an earlier red giant phase. Astronomers estimate that the Crescent Nebula is about 5000 light years from earth.

Here is a slightly larger and cropped version of NGC 6888.

Image date:

July 22 - 23, 2017

Exposure Information:

An RGB combination of 54 minutes red filter, 54 minutes green filter, and 54 minutes blue filter. Subexposure times were 6 minutes.

Imaged at:

San Diego Astronomy Association site at Tierra del Sol, San Diego County, California


Takahashi Epsilon 160, SBIG STT-8300M, Astro-Physics AP 900 GTO