NGC 281
Object Information:

NGC 281 - Photographed in Hydrogen-alpha light, 656 nm

Diffuse nebula with open cluster IC 1590.

Located at a distance of 10,000 light years, NGC 281 is said to be an area of active star formation. The open star cluster IC 1590, which has formed only in the last few million years, can be seen imbedded within the field of this image. The brightest members of IC 1590 provide the energy that helps ionize the gas of NGC 281. Astronomers believe that the dark lanes of dust within the nebula are likely areas of future star formation. Also seen in this image are multiple dark "Bok globules" visible against the bright nebula which astronomers believe are areas of current star formation.

The image below is an enlarged crop of the central portion of NGC 281 showing the Bok globules.

NGC 281

Image date:

October 7, 8 2017

Exposure Information:

A stack of 56 x 180 second images.

Imaged using a Baader 7 nm wide bandpass filter for Hydrogen-alpha light.

Imaged at:

Vista, CA


Takahashi MT-200 with Takahashi 0.8 reducer, ZWO ASI1600MM-C