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Hubble Telescope Image – Messier 16

I have been recently working with the Hubble M16 data from the Hubble HLSP archives to see how much detail I can tease out. The original data was combined in PixInsight using the SHO color pallette and then balanced/stretched using the HistogramTransformation tool. I also used PixInsight’s ColorMask script and the CurvesTransformation tool to enhance the blue channel a bit. Finally, I used PixInsight’s ACDNR tool to smooth out some of the noise in the non-linear data after stretching. The data was saved as a 16-bit TIFF and imported into Photoshop. I tweaked the color balance in Photoshop and I also used two high-pass filter layers, at 15 pixels and at 150 pixels with “Soft Light” blending, to enhance the contrast of the details of the image. This worked very well and dramatically improved the image.

You can see a 3000 pixel x 3000 pixel version of my image processing on my Astrobin page.

Posted below are crops of the M16 image that show the incredible detail that the Hubble Telescope is capable of. The three close-in crops are nearly full resolution – the full resolution image is 7000 x 7000 pixels.

Check out this page for more information on how these Hubble Telescope pages are processed.

You can find my Hubble Telescope image Gallery at this link.

The images below are higher resolution versions.




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