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The Veil Nebula – NGC 6960 and NGC 6974 Imaged in the Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen III Spectrum – Deep Sky West Data

This is another image created from data provided by Deep Sky West as part of my imaging team subscription.

The Veil Nebula is a large supernova remnant in the constellation of Cygnus.  This image only shows a portion of the entire nebula complex.  The two major strands seen here have the designation of NGC 6960 – upper left corner – which is also commonly called the Western Veil Nebula, and NGC 6974 – shown diagonally from upper left to lower right – which is also commonly called the Central Veil Nebula.

This image was created from data acquired using “narrow band” filters which only allow light in a very narrow spectral range to pass through the filter.  In this case the filters used were Hydrogen alpha and Oxygen III filters.  The raw data was 18 x 1800 seconds of Hydrogen alpha data and 17 x 1800 seconds of Oxygen III data.  The subframes were calibrated, aligned and combined in PixInsight.  The Hydrogen alpha and the Oxygen III narrow band data were combined into a color image by using a “HOO” color mapping scheme which assigned the Hydrogen alpha data to red and the Oxygen III data to the green channel and the blue channel.  This created a false color image where the Hydrogen alpha data is seen here as red and the Oxygen III data is seen here as blue-green colored strands.

Click on the image below to see a slightly larger version.  Click on this link to see a full resolution version on my Astrobin page.

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