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The Reflection Nebula NGC 7023 – Deep Sky West Data

This is another image created from Deep Sky West data as part of my “imaging team” plan.

NGC 7023 is also known as the Iris Nebula and is a very nice example of a reflection nebula where blue light light from a bright star is reflected off the surrounding dust.   NGC 7023 is about 1,300 light years distant and the blue reflection nebula portion is about six light years across.

This image was assembled from data acquired using four filters – luminance, red, green and blue.   The luminance and blue channels were 16 x 900 second exposures.  The red channel was 20 x 900 second exposures.  The green channel was 14 x 900 second exposures.  All channels were calibrated, aligned, stacked (integrated) and combined in PixInsight.

Click on the image below to see a slightly larger version.  Click on this link to see a full resolution image posted on my Astrobin page.

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