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NGC 6914, VdB 131 and VdB 132 – Deep Sky West Data

Located in the constellation of Cygnus, NGC 6914, VdB 131 and VdB 132 are a string of nice looking reflection nebula set in a field of glowing hydrogen gas and dark nebula.

This image was created from filtered luminance, red, green and blue exposures which were acquired by Deep Sky West using a Takahashi FSQ-106 telescope and a QSI683 mono camera.

Total exposure time was 15.5 hours and the individual filtered exposures were as follows:
Luminance – 16 x 900 seconds –> 4 hours
Red – 16 x 900 seconds –> 4 hours
Green – 13 x 900 seconds –> 3.25 hours
Blue – 17 x 900 seconds –> 4.25 hours

The data was calibrated, aligned and stacked in PixInsight.  Initial histogram stretching and noise attenuation (MultiscaleLinearTransform) of the color and luminance channels was also performed in PixInsight.  Creation of the LRGB image and final color adjustments was performed in PhotoshopCC.

Click on the image below to see a slightly larger version.  Follow this link to see a full resolution version on my Astrobin page.

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