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Messier 7, Trumpler 30, NGC 6444, Barnard 283, Barnard 287 and Barnard 286

Object Name:  The bright open cluster Messier 7.  Messier 7 is believed to consist of about 80 stars and is approximately 980 light years distant.  The cluster is fairly young at an estimated 200 million years old and is believed to be about 25 light years in diameter.  Also in the field are the open clusters Trumpler 30 (to the lower left of Messier 7) and the open cluster NGC 6444 (to the right of Messier 7).  Part of the dark nebula Barnard 283 can be seen at the top of the image.  The dark nebulae Barnard 287 and 286 are seen below Messier 7.
Object Type: Open Cluster, Dark Nebula
Constellation: Scorpio
Acquisition Date: 7/14/2010
Location: Mount Laguna, San Diego County, California
• Imaging Scope – Takahashi Epsilon 160
• Imaging Camera – SBIG STL-11000XM
• Filters – Astrodon Gen. 2 50mm red, green and blue filters
• Guiding – On camera
• Mount – Astro-Physics 1200GTO
Camera Control – CCDSoft
Guider control – CCDSoft
Acquisition Details:
• Imaging Camera – cooled to -22
• Exposures – 3 x 360 sec. for each of the red, green and blue filters.
PixInsight and Photoshop CC were used to process the images.
• PixInsight –
⁃ Image calibration, alignment and integration
⁃ HistogramTransformation for histogram adjustment
• Photoshop –
⁃ additional adjustments to histogram and color balance

Click on image below for a larger version.

Messier 7
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