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Emission Nebula NGC 7000 and IC 5070, Lynds’ Dark Nebula Nos. 935 and 936, and Open Clusters NGC 6996 and Collinder 428

This is an old image from ten years ago that I was never quite happy with.  I could never seem to get it to look right.  I have this same area on my imaging list to do a re-shoot this month and I thought I would give this old image another try before spending the time re-shooting it.  This is the result.

Object Name:  NGC 7000, IC 5070, LDN 935, LDN 936, NGC 6996, Collinder 428

Object Type:Emission nebula, dark nebula and open cluster.

Constellation: Cygnus

Acquisition Date: August 20, 2009
Exposures – 9 x 360 seconds for each of the R, G and B filtered exposures – total exposure time = 162 minutes

Location:  Grandview Campground, Inyo National Forest,  elevation – 8400 feet

Imaging Scope – Takahashi Epsilon 160
Imaging Camera – SBIG STL-11000XXM
Filters – Astrodon Gen. 2 50mm RGB
Mount – Astro-Physics 1200GTO

Camera Control – CCDSoft
Guider control – CCDSoft

CCDStack and Photoshop CC were used to process the images.
• CCDStack –
⁃ Image calibration, alignment and integration
• Photoshop –
⁃ color saturation boost, minimum filter on stars and adjustments to histogram and color balance

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

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