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The Open Cluster NGC 129

Object Name:  NGC 129
Object Type: Open Cluster
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Acquisition Date: September 18, 2020
Location: Tierra del Sol, San Diego County, California
• Imaging Scope – Takahashi FSQ-106 EDX IV with the Takahashi 645 reducer
• Imaging Camera – ZWO ASI2600MC
• Filters – none
• Guiding – Unguided
• Mount – Astro-Physics Mach2
Camera Control – Sequence Generator Pro
Guider control – Unguided
Acquisition Details:
• Imaging Camera – gain 100, offset 50 – cooled to 0C
• Exposures – 104 x 180 seconds
PixInsight and Photoshop CC were used to process the images.
• PixInsight –
⁃ Image calibration, alignment and integration
⁃ HistogramTransformation for histogram adjustment
⁃ CurvesTransformation for color saturation boost
• Photoshop –
⁃ additional adjustments to histogram and color balance
The image directly below is a full frame image showing the beautiful star field around NGC 129.  The second image below is a full resolution crop of the open cluster. Click on either image to see a larger version. Thanks for looking.

NGC 129 Wide Field


NGC 129
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